Stage Design for the Meetings, Events and Broadcast Industry

Versa Tubes

Versa Tubes are an eye-catching new element to the designer’s toolbox.  Imagine fluorescent tubes and neon changing color, having moving color patterns, and glowing with dynamic visual effects.  All this is possible with Versa Tubes.  By using live video signal for control, Versa Tubes deliver countless looks from vibrant patterns to organic flows.  There is no limit as to what can be displayed.  Each tube uses proven LED technology to give a broad range of beautiful colors.  A special diffusing lens ensures smooth light outplay and durability.  Versa Tubes work by mapping pixels from a computer monitor directly to the pixels in the tube.  Any video source or graphics program can create effects that will be displayed on the Versa Tubes, resulting in a fluid, colorful palette that moves light in a way never seen before.