Stage Design for the Meetings, Events and Broadcast Industry

Digital Water Screen

The Digital Water Screen features a blend of motion and fluid control technology that achieves precision control of droplet size and flow, producing a crisp image within a falling wall of water. The Digital Water Screen is modular and scalable and uses safe low power electronics and fresh water.  Imagine the impact of having a presenter introduction where your presenter walks through a water wall customized with their Company branding.  Digital Water Screens have the ability to display effects from 3 to more than 32 feet with working heights from 6 feet and optimal viewing distances of 10 to 450 feet.

Kabuki Reveal

The Kabuki Reveal system will drop virtually any type of stage curtain or event fabric in a fraction of a second. Safety, durability and reliability, time after time, has always been the Kabuki system standard.  This newly developed, electronically controlled Kabuki System allows load ratings of up to 110 lbs. / 50 kg per release unit. That means 100% higher load ratings than previous systems.

Low Lying Fog

Low Lying Fog technology features dense ‘cold’ fog that flows outward seemingly sticking to the floor and is approved for use on live stage performances. The effect of Low Lying Fog is identical to theatrical smoke or haze, and provides an amazing effect when coupled with intelligent lighting.  It also has an Event application, creating a sensation for guests as if they are walking on clouds.

Cryo Jets

The Cryo Jet System is an atmospheric effect that creates bursts of white dense plumes that resembles fog and when lit correctly resembles fire. The system works in conjunction with liquid CO2. The liquid CO2 chills the moisture in the air creating great fog effects with immediate dissipation. This impactful effect is contained in a low pressure unit that can be placed within a safe proximity to presenters on stage.

Special Effects 1.2

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