Stage Design for the Meetings, Events and Broadcast Industry

The Optics Panel Stage Design

Using non-reflective, wrinkle resistant fabric and designed for media broadcast, the 5-Panel Optics System can be pre-printed to customize any brand or message your project desires. Also included is a matching customized PowerPoint template.  What’s most impressive about these visually impactful set pieces is that a completely scalable (up to 100’) stage set can be shipped virtually anywhere in the world in overnight containers. The 5-Panel Optics System contains two 9’ x 12’ panels to flank outbound projection screens, as well as a 27’ x 9’ center stage panel.  With consistent use of a customized 5-Panel System, your brand will be reinforced, have increased recognition, and the panels can serve as a common visual link between Company divisions or departments.  Extensive libraries of 5-Panel Optics Systems are available in a pre-prepared inventory that crosses a wide spectrum of industries.