Stage Design for the Meetings, Events and Broadcast Industry

Streamline Stage Design

Streamline is a Mega Screen made of modular flats of bright white projection friendly fabric surfaces.  Streamline is unique in that it is both projectable and completely virtual, constructed with doorways that allow presenters to actually walk through the screens.  Imagine the impact of your speaker exiting the cockpit of a virtual 747 to take their mark on stage.  It is possible with Streamline.   Widened in 20’ increments using our Nano seem technology, Streamline is self standing and floor supported.  When not projected on it is a perfect lighting pallet.  It is compatible with our screen blending technology, lightweight and reverse engineered to ship and travel well.  We have a number of sizes from 11’ – 16’ tall in 20’ increments that can customize a 360 degree view for your meeting space.

Chairmans Stage Design

The Chairman is the perfect blend of two schools of set design. It evokes the safe, solid and comfortable feel of a traditional hammer and nail set with a lightweight construction that is flexible and made to ship and travel. Contained in four 5’ cases, the Chairman provides up to 360 linear feet of fire retardant fabric and aluminum frame that is safely secured to truss. A unique system of truss cornice hides lighting fixtures, cables and utilitarian production gear. Projection screens flow smoothly into the cyber columns and steps of varying height create a textured lighting pallet. The Chairman’s integrated projection surfaces and dynamic lighting effects combine to create a seamless panorama of message driving graphics and video. Its virtual elements allow for any theme or message to be supported with the touch of a button.

Zero Stage Design

The Zero Set’s concave and convex serpentine design creates a flowing abstract motion that gives depth, dimension and perspective to your stage, while providing multi-dimensional and flexible stage looks.  Its metal construction produces a sturdy and stable feel that is also innovative and hip. With its unique circular perforations, the Zero Set is a great lighting pallet that can be both front and rear lit; while hairline or contrast lighting are perfect for broadcast.  The Zero set is simply assembled with a single tool and is reverse engineered to ship and travel with ease.

What’s Next in Creative Staging

From a creativity standpoint, the staging and set design industry has benefited from the current state of business; where every aspect and expense of live meetings and events are scrutinized for value and return on investment.  Today, there is little demand for cumbersome, labor intensive, non-reusable hammer and nail sets of the past.   Set designers have to think smarter to stay in the game.

This new thinking marries the best practices of experiential marketing and the latest advancements in

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