Stage Design for the Meetings, Events and Broadcast Industry

Text to Screen

This innovative Live-to-Screen Text Messaging technology allows an audience to project its thoughts and feedback live-to-screen, or can give presenters a real-time sense of the pulse of their audience. The System utilizes universally adopted cell phone technology, and removes the need for and cost associated with audience hardware rental or distribution. Some applications include: Real Time Question & Answer, Polling the Audience, Team Building, Think Tank Trivia, Contests, Auctions and even Valet vehicle retrieval.

The Optics Panel Stage Design

Using non-reflective, wrinkle resistant fabric and designed for media broadcast, the 5-Panel Optics System can be pre-printed to customize any brand or message your project desires. Also included is a matching customized PowerPoint template.  What’s most impressive about these visually impactful set pieces is that a completely scalable (up to 100’) stage set can be shipped virtually anywhere in the world in overnight containers. The 5-Panel Optics System contains two 9’ x 12’ panels to flank outbound projection screens, as well as a 27’ x 9’ center stage panel.  With consistent use of a customized 5-Panel System, your brand will be reinforced, have increased recognition, and the panels can serve as a common visual link between Company divisions or departments.  Extensive libraries of 5-Panel Optics Systems are available in a pre-prepared inventory that crosses a wide spectrum of industries.

The Windows Stage Design

Born from an unconventional assembly of standard equipment, the Windows Set uses four 16’ by 9’ screens turned vertically and then paired. The Windows Set is more economical than most Mega Screen designs in that two projectors support the four screens in the center, one per screen pair.  The content screens flanking the Windows Set are crowned with curved aluminum and fabric Screen Surrounds that are also projectable and compatible with screen blending technology.

The Sky Systems Stage Design

How can you put a ceiling inside of your meeting room with the Fire Marshall’s blessing?  Sky System is the answer.  This unique projection system, made of a fabric that disintegrates at 150 degrees, extends out over your audience, virtually enveloping them into your message and desired end result.  Sky System’s sturdy construction allows for complete modularity within a 16’ tall ceiling and can be floor supported.  The Sky System is scalable by adding panels, providing a blank canvas on which any pre-produced environment or graphic can be projected to support presenter, topic or program message.  An entire campaign theme can be created at the touch of a button.  Sky System is reverse engineered to ship and travel well.  With Sky System, the sky is not the limit.

Organic Stage Design

Organics are bright white, wrinkle-resistant tension fabric shapes that provide a crisp, clean look to your stage, as well as projection surfaces for i-mag, lighting scenes or even preprinted images.  Their “Snap Connects” and lightweight aluminum design allows for quick and easy assembly with a structural integrity that also allows certain shapes to to be floor supported.  These benefits provide a cost effective product that adds depth and dimension to your stage. Using Organics’ unique design, we are able to offer a completely scalable stage set that can be shipped virtually anywhere in the world in lightweight overnight containers.  The versatility of Organics lends itself to practically any size stage or venue.

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